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Umpqua Plein Air

Past Winners

Thanks to all of our wonderful and talented plein air artists who made this year’s event truly special!

Be sure to look for the Awards of Distinction at the bottom of the page.

2018 Umpqua Plein Air Awards

1st Place James Sampsel Susan Creek
2nd Place Quin Sweetman Sunny Rocks
3rd Place Jenay Elder Eucalyptus Patch on HWY 138
M. Graham AwardChristine SchulbachOrchard
People’s ChoiceJudi DanielsonWazoo Too
Staff Choice 1st PlaceJoan ArsenaultUmpqua September
Staff Choice 2nd PlaceCheryl WeeseCattails in Sunset
Staff Choice 3rd PlaceKatey Ellen PriceNorth Umpqua


Mercy FoundationKaren Lewis
Karen Lewis
Karen Lewis
Umpqua River
Lower Water Currents
Umpqua Cliffs
Creative CateringKristina Sellers
Judi Danielson
Meet me at Pete’s
Cavitt Creek
Emily & Jason BrandtYong Hong Zong
Katey Ellen Price
Down by the Colliding Rivers
North Umpqua

40 Awards of Distinction

Paul Bourgault North Umpqua Narrows
Vicki Cooper Two Ponds
Judi Danielson Wazoo Too
Jenay Elder Cloud Reflections on Umpqua
Chloe Friedlein Harry Winston House
Patti Hagan South Umpqua Morning
Dennis Hellawell South Umpqua
Diane Holland September Light
HD Honscheid Umpqua Forest
HD Honscheid Winston House
Jan Barbra Horn South Umpqua River
Cathy Kohler In to Stay
Cathy Kohler Breezy Day
Anna Lancaster Fashioned by Water
Anna Lancaster Lonely Rider
Karen Lewis Low Water Currents
Karen Lewis Umpqua Cliffs
Patti McNutt View from Winston House
L Carol Picknell Deadline Falls
Katey Ellen Price Peace Like a River
Katey Ellen Price Paths Home
W.M. Ralston-Burger Steamboat Inn Rapids
James Sampsel Willow Bend
Christine Schulbach Orchard
Kristina Sellers Airing My Laundry
Kristina Sellers Umpqua Autumn
Kristina Sellers Meet Me at Pete’s
Quin Sweetman Tree Rhythms
Quin Sweetman Little River Meets Umpqua
Genell Tuter Steamboat Falls
Patti Williams Waiting for Sun to Peek
Patti Williams Stillwater
Ver Za Vue Harvest Ready
Ver Za Vue After the Storm
Paul Zegers North Umpqua Champagne
Paul Zegers After the Rain
Paul Zegers North Umpqua Afternoon
Yong Hong Zhong My Favorite Spot to Paint
Yong Hong Zhong Creek Reflection
Yong Hong Zhong Down by the Colliding Rivers