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We’re looking for fun and creative teachers to partner with our team at UVA to deliver arts education opportunities for the community to enjoy! Fill out our Teacher Interest Form to learn more about upcoming opportunities to teach at UVA and tell us about your interests and availability! We have endless possibilities for instructors to share their knowledge with the community at all levels from beginner to advanced, youth to adults, and beyond! We accept applications on our Teacher Interest Form year round, and we look forward to hearing from you! If you have any questions please reach out to our team at


At UVA, we are passionate about providing community members with arts education opportunities which not only inform them of time-honored artistic techniques but also bring whimsy, wonder, and excitement to their everyday lives. Education in the arts is known to stimulate imagination as well as enhance problem-solving skills, making it the perfect way to inspire a generation of dreamers and “doers.” Working with known and emerging artists throughout the Pacific Northwest, we strive to provide quality opportunities for community members both young and old to discover their unique artistic calling.

At our campus, we offer classes for future artists of all ages, from preschool through high school (and plenty of learning opportunities for adults, too!) throughout the year. Typically, you can find a selection of seasonally inspired adult workshops and Saturday classes for artists 8 and up, as well as after-school opportunities for teens to learn more about classic art forms. During the summer months, we offer camps for young artists focusing on visual arts, music, and everything in between!

Additionally, UVA partners with community members and schools to reach even more young artists in and around the Umpqua Valley. Longtime friend of the organization Victoria Carnate brings hope to troubled teens at the local detention center by teaching them time-honored artistic techniques. In the past, we have enjoyed opening the doors of our beautiful gallery to students via field trips, and we anticipate doing so once the pandemic has passed. Until then, we have found creative ways to bring our gallery to the schools. Visiting elementary classrooms through our Arts Express program, we strive to bring arts education to youth in a way that is both meaningful and magical.

Ready to set off on your own artistic journey? Explore the pages below, or contact us!