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UVA's Doors are now open, Tuesday - Friday from 10 am to 4 pm!

Starting July 6, 2021, Umpqua Valley Arts is open to the public. Due to COVID-19 we ask that unvaccinated visitors please wear a mask to keep our students, staff and volunteers safe.

UVA and TedEx Roseburg, Together for a painting project!


Stuck at home? Take an ART BREAK! Follow along with our online video lessons!

From UVA tours, to quick and easy art lessons to do at home, artist lectures, and more . . . You won’t want to miss these free online sessions!

How to Support Your Arts Center

Much like other arts and culture organizations across the nation, UVA has been directly affected by the current pandemic. As a rural nonprofit arts organization, we only exist with the support of our amazing members and community at large. Your support is always important to everyday operations and programming, but this year it is essential to our survival.
If you have the ability to give during this time, and UVA has touched your life in some way— we ask that you consider paying forward a donation that will help us continue our mission and survive this challenging moment in time. With our doors now closed for over a month and our major fundraising event, the annual Summer Arts Festival, recently cancelled due to COVID-19 concerns, we will rely on our dedicated support system more than ever to keep everyday operations running.
We wholeheartedly believe that the arts are essential to a healthy and vibrant community and hope to serve our friends and neighbors in Umpqua Valley for many years to come. Future generations deserve the same creative resources, experiences, and opportunities that past generations have benefitted from, and we are determined to remain the local heartbeat for arts and culture long beyond this restricted time!

Our Mission

Umpqua Valley Arts (UVA) operates with a mission to create and foster a climate that supports arts appreciation, participation, and education.

UVA is a rural arts and culture organization located in the heart of the Umpqua Valley. The community arts center operates six art gallery spaces, a workshop studio, a full-sized pottery studio, and a retail shop full of local arts. UVA also supports art and art making throughout the region through community events, collaborative partnerships, and advocating for the arts in multiple venues, organizations, and agencies.

UVA is a community organization that operates with the generous support of those it serves through annual Membership, individual donations, business sponsorships, program fees, and public and private grants.

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