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Umpqua Valley Arts (UVA) is a cultural organization in the heart of the rural Umpqua Valley. Supporting regional art and artists, UVA provides the community with opportunities to receive quality education in lasting techniques and share their work with others. Our campus houses six gallery spaces, separate clay and multimedia studios, and a gift shop featuring local handcrafted items.

UVA is a community organization that operates with mission to create and foster a climate that supports arts appreciation, participation, and education. The generous support of those it serves through annual membership, individual donations, business sponsorships, program fees, and public and private grants, is what keeps UVA’s vibrant program alive.

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Can’t make it to our building? Take an ART BREAK and follow along with our online video lessons!

From UVA campus tours to quick and easy art lessons to do at home, artist lectures, and more . . . there’s something for everyone in these engaging, FREE online sessions!