Art Express

What is Art Express?

The Art Express is a program of Art History-based art lessons designed to help teachers, grades 1-5, meet the Oregon Standards in the visual arts.

This program is free of charge, made possible by the fundraising efforts of the Umpqua Valley Arts Association and an endowment from the Hallie E. Ford Endowment for Arts in Education. All materials for Art Express lessons are provided. Instruction is done by qualified volunteers conversant in the visual arts. Lessons take one hour, but a minimum of two hours should be scheduled for each school visit. This would allow for two classroom visits.

Lessons begin with a background in Art History. Materials are then distributed and students learn a technique associated with the Art History lesson. If time allows, assessment in aesthetics and critical evaluation of the art produced by the students follows.

Teachers can choose from four different kinds of lessons:

  • Themes in Art
  • Principles in art
  • Techniques in Art
  • Science and Art

To learn more, check out the Art Express Catalog of Lessons


Become a Volunteer!

The Arts Center is currently looking for volunteers to bring Art Express lessons to first through fifth grade students. No experience necessary Рjust a desire to work with kids!

If you’re interested, please fill out this form, return it to the Arts Center, and we’ll be in touch soon!

Teachers: Sign up your class!

View the Art Express Calendar, showing the dates of Art Express lessons scheduled and other related events.

Reserve lessons online here. If you have any questions regarding registration, please call Renee Richardson at 541-672-2532 or email her at

Teachers are encouraged to collaborate among and between grade levels to choose lessons which best meet the needs of their students and curriculum. Please also note, when scheduling lessons, that there must be at least one day left open between dates when a lesson is given at one school and the next time it is given. This is to allow time for the materials to be returned to the UVAA and picked up by the next Art Express volunteer. Please plan accordingly, checking the calendar if you need information.

***Teachers must remain in the classroom during Art Express Lessons.


If you have questions, please do not hesitate to contact the Arts Center by phone at 541-672-2532.

Friends of the Umpqua Valley Arts Association: 

Hallie E. Ford Endowment for Arts in Education of The Oregon Community Foundation, Ed Moorin Trust, Oregon Arts Commission, Dr. John Wm. and Betty Long Unruh Fund of the Oregon Community Foundation, Betty Long Unruh Arts Fund of the Oregon Community Foundation, The Ford Family Foundation, United Commercial Travelers, Cow Creek Band, Arnold Morton, Lory Utz, Richard Worthey and Debbie Kelley, Marie Rasmussen, Umpqua Insurance, Umpqua Bank, Lone Rock Timber, Dawn and Jeffery Thomas.