Summer Kids Camps

2019 Summer Kids Camps

June 18 – August 23

Our Summer Kids Camps offer a fun and unique experience to kids ages 7-14. We have a wonderful array of camps available – everything from painting, sculpture, cultural arts, clay, sewing, and everything in between – with inspiring, experienced art instructors. Each Camp is four days, from Tuesday through Friday, with a different theme each week that is sure to stimulate the imagination.  Full-day and half-day options are available. Class sizes are limited to 15 students so get registered today! Please look through our Camp Catalog below for information on all of our amazing Summer Camps!  Due to camps filling up every year, when a camp has limited availability please call UVAA to confirm registration.  This will be noted along side the camp week with a note stating “limited availability please call.”

PLEASE NOTE: If your child is attending an ALL-Day session, please bring a bottle of water & sack lunch.

Registration opens April 2nd!

It’s now easier than ever to get registered. Complete the online registration form, or just come by the Art Center and register in person.



$90 Members | $100 Non-members
for four full days (7 hours each)

$60 Members | $70 Non-members
for four full days (3 hours each)

If you have any questions, please contact our wonderful Arts In Education Director Renée Richardson at, or give us a call at 541-672-2532.


 WEEK 1:   JUNE 18 – 21 Monster Mash (Ages 7-14)



9:00-12:00       Instructed by Victoria Carnate

There will be monsters of every shape and size during this creepy week.  From clay and furry monsters, to monster mansions and paintings. We will throw in a mask and a comic book too.  Be prepared to have a freaky week!

12:00 – 12:45     Lunch



1:00-4:00          Instructed by Epiffany Gombart

A rabbit with antlers? A mysterious creature in the lake, let’s talk about cryptids! What do their tracks look like? What do they eat? Join  me as we explore  different cryptids and create some of out own!

Week 2:  JUNE 25-28 Alphabet Soup (Ages 7-14)


9:00-12:00        Instructed by Tara Bacon

Picasso magazine collages and Graffiti art! Come explore a variety of art materials in this multi-media camp.

12:00 – 12:45      Lunch


1:00-4:00           Instructed by Epiffany Gombart

Let’s explore letters with zentangles, painting, books poems and more. The ABC’s will never look better!

WEEK 3:  JULY 9-12 Around the World (Ages 7-14)



 9:00-12:00            Instructed by Cheryl Stokes

Come discover the art of many unique cultures, including Mexico, Japan, Africa and China. We will be painting, printmaking, batiking and weaving ourselves around the world.

12:00 – 12:45         Lunch



1:00-4:00            Instructed by Benne Nichols

Take a trip in a time machine around the world, starting with ancient Egypt where we will learn to read and write hieroglyphs in “clay”, then to the middle ages to create knight shields and stained glass with a variety of mixed media. Then set off to the impressionist period of the 1800’s where landscape paintings dominated with acrylics and watercolor. Finally our journey ends to the 20th century to the likes of abstract artists like Pollock and others.

Week 4:   July 16-19 Color Club (Ages 7-14)


9:00-10:30           Instruction by Patty Hendricks

Put a little color in your life as we visit artists Schulten, Miró and Haring. We will create individual masterpieces using paper, straws, paint and more.

10:30-12:00      Instruction by Tara Bacon

Campers will explore the world of color through studying Claude Monet, Wassily Kandisky, and Andy Warhol. This is a multi-media camp where students learn professional watercolor techniques, work with oils pastels, and paint lollipops!

12:00 – 12:45          Lunch


 1:00-4:00         Instruction by Nicky Chaney

Colors Recycled—Bring the colors of       recycled materials to life to make wacky animals and fun creations for the garden.

Week 5:  July 23-26 Pet Parade (Ages 7-14)


9:00-12:00        Instruction by Tara Bacon

Dogs, cats, birds, oh my! Come explore a variety of art materials in this multi-media camp. All projects will be based on our furry, slimy, scaly friends. Camper Art portfolios will include Bridget Riley and Victor Vasarely Op Art Turtles, and pet food mosaics.


12:00 – 12:45          Lunch


1:00 – 4:00         Instructed by Morgan Krepkey

Bring your imaginations as we explore the world of Rousseau and Picasso. Making masks, printing, oil pastels and  mysterious snakes will all be the focus during this wonderful week of  creativity.

 Week 6:  July 30 – Aug 2  Bugs and Butterflies (Ages 7-14)


9:00-12:00          Instructed by Cheryl Stokes

Design and create your own imaginary bug. Will it be funny, scary or beautiful? You decide!  Craft a mixed media garden full of 3-D butterflies, bugs and flowers. Learn how to make a felted bug from colorful wool fiber. Make a fun butterfly that really flies!


12:00 – 12:45        Lunch


1:00-4:00          Instructed by Tedy Fromdahl

Be prepared to explore a delightful array of “Bug-zie” creations, from the teeny-tiny into sculpture extravaganza, in this Integrative Story of Art ! From Plaster-Balloon inventions, into the scientific microscopic worlds, you will be touched with enthusiastic inspirations !

Week 7:  AUGUST 13 – 16  Our Enchanted Forest (Ages 7-14)



 9:00-12:00  Instructed by Cheryl Stokes

What will you find in the enchanted forest? Dragons, fairies, castles, royalty and more! Design your own enchanted forest tunnel book. Learn how to do printmaking using a gelatin plate. Create a wire tree sculpture and an enchanted dragon egg.

12:00 – 12:45             Lunch



1:00-2:30              Instructed by Benne Nichols

Let’s mix it up with a variety of mediums in the style of Brian Froud. We will color and collage trolls, fairies and forest creatures with recycled materials. 

2:30-4:00            Morgan Krepkey

Inspired by Emily Carr, campers will draw and paint trees with a variety of textures, tools and embellishments.

 Week 8:  AUGUST 20 – 23  Cut and Collage (Ages 7-14)


9:00-10:30           Instructed by Patty Hendricks

It’s all about texture and color as we make mixed media art inspired by Matisse, Theibold and Mondrian. Our creations will use paper, fabric, paint, washi tape and other things we can glue!


10:30-12:00          Instructed by Megan Dee

“We will be making a mixed media landscape. We will be first learning a fun and easy technique to do “printmaking” to make a sun.  Next, we will work with watercolor to create “painted paper”.  Last we will use the collage technique to rip and attach printed paper and watercolor paper to create a landscape.”


12:00 – 12:45              Lunch


1:00-2:30                 Instructed by Benne Nichols

With lots of glue, paper, wood,  metal, egg cartons and your imaginations we will be creating imaginary animals, Picasso portraits, and 3-D industrial wood sculptures.  Come enjoy the week of collage.

2:30-4:00               Instructed by Tedy Fromdahl

Come explore “delving” into the layers of your imagination. From Matisse & Picasso style, through the wild & expressive use of shape & color, the POW & WHAAM, sliding into the expression of your own Art Gallery ! You will cut, shape, paint, glue, & redesign your own designs in this 4 day explore.


Beginning Sewing – FULL –

July 16-19   9:00-12:00    Age 9 and up.

Come join us for a fun time using a sewing machine and other sewing tools while learning to make some cute and fun simple projects.  Learn to sew straight lines and follow a pattern as you make such things as pillow cases, pot holders, and small bags.  If you have a machine at home we encourage you to bring it so you can learn on the machine you will be using later.

No previous sewing experience needed.

Class Fee: $65.00 member $70.00 nonmember            

Intermediate Sewing

July 23-26   9:00-12:00         Age 9 and up.

 In this session participants will make a quilt top.  This year we will make the pattern “Saratoga”.  Students will need to bring 8 fat quarters of coordinating dark fabric and 6 fat quarters of coordinating light fabric. This will make a 48 X 64 inch quilt top.  We will discuss different ways to finish a quilt.  If you have a machine at home we encourage you to bring it.

Class Fee: $60.00 member $65.00 nonmember

Student Supplied Materials:

2 yards background, can be 1 fabric or 6 1/3 yard pieces- or 24 -10” squares. (Not well suited for fat quarters)
Star fabric – 4 – 1/3 yard cuts or 12 – 10” squares, assorted colors
Border fabric – 1 yard
Binding 1/2 yard
Sewing machine with manual and 1/4” sewing foot
(Umpqua Valley Quilt guild may provide a
machine if needed. Please advise when signing up.)
Scissors, thread, note paper, pencil
snack if you want one


Two Week Clay Creations – FULL –

June 18-21  and July 9-12 // 10:00 – 12:00 (Ages 10 – Up)

Beginning Clay- Ages 10 and Up This will be a two week clay class.

Class will be limited to 10 children.       Teacher: Epiffany Gombart

Clay Creations: Two weeks of creating functional pottery and sculptures! Learn to make pinch pots, create with coils, build with slabs, and more! Develop your 3d building, tactile, and fine motor skills!

Class Fee: $75.00 member  $80 nonmember


Writing/Bookmaking Workshop

July 30-August 2 // 10:00 – 11:30 (Ages 9 – Up)

Class will be limited to 15 children.       Teacher: Taylor Bennett

What makes a good book great? Join local Young Adult author Taylor Bennett as she explores the secrets of compelling storytelling, then put your newfound skills to good use by creating and binding a book of your very own.

Class Fee:  $35.00 Member     $40.00 Nonmember

Standards of Conduct: Students, visitors and staff are expected to maintain a standard of behavior conductive to the community spirit of learning and working at the Umpqua Valley Arts Association (UVAA). Any violation, including physical confrontation, use of abusive language, destruction of property, or any behavior deemed by UVAA staff to be in violation of the standards of behavior may result in suspension or expulsion.  UVAA reserves the right to refuse enrollment as deemed appropriate by any staff member.  Disruptive behavior will not be tolerated. Students who do not comply will not be allowed to continue classes and any remaining tuition will be forfeited.

Special  Needs: If a student has a special need or requires accommodation, including, if applicable, any allergies or dietary restrictions, please notify the UVAA staff.

Safety / Behavior: UVAA will not assume responsibility for the student’s actions that are not related to teaching or learning art. If behavior is deemed inappropriate UVAA will initiate contact with the parents or guardians.  If the problem continues we may cancel the student’s enrollment from the art classes without refunds. For student safety, we ask that they remain in fenced area after classes to await pick-up, and ask that all students be picked up promptly after class. If pick-up will be later than 5 minutes, please contact the UVAA office. If students are consistently picked up late, a fee may be assessed to your bill.

Artwork: UVAA is not responsible for any artwork unclaimed for more than 30 days after final day of each camp session.  Students artwork (painting, watercolor & drawings etc.) may be disposed of if not claimed by the 30th day after discontinuance. UVAA will make every effort to contact via email/phone within the 30 day time frame.

Payment: Payment must be made in full at time of registration. No refunds will be made after the first day of camp – no exceptions. A $10 cancellation fee will be deducted from all refunds.


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